The Learning Round Table (formerly CLENERT)* is excited to be sponsoring our first ALA Emerging Leader!

We’re looking for enthusiastic applicants who have an interest and/or experience in

  • staff training
  • staff development; and/or
  • continuing education of library staff

The 2010 Emerging Leader selected by the Learning Round Table (LearnRT) will be someone who desires to learn more about more about the ALA Learning Round Table, who is willing to work on a project related to continued learning; who will be engaged in the work of the round table and who will be an ambassador for the Learning Round Table. In turn, the Learning Round Table will provide $1000 towards ALA Midwinter and Annual conference expenses for the person selected.

Applicants must meet the general Emerging Leader criteria set forth by ALA as well as criteria set forth by the Learning Round Table:

  1. Be under 35 years of age or be a new library professional of any age with fewer than 5 years of experience working at a professional or paraprofessional level in a library;
  2. Be able to attend both ALA conferences and work virtually in-between each conference;
  3. Be willing to commit to membership in both ALA and the Learning Round Table if accepted; and
  4. Be prepared to commit to serving in ALA or your state or local professional library organization upon completion of the program.

Upon review of the applications and resumes, the Board of the Learning Round Table will select one Emerging Leader to sponsor.

If interested, please submit the Learning Round Table Emerging Leader Application no later than August 15, 2009. In addition, email your resume to . Applicants will be notified on or near September 1, 2009.

Note: Applicants may complete both the Learning Round Table Emerging Leader Application and the ALA Emerging Leader Application, if desired. The Learning Round Table will select an Emerging Leader from our own pool of applicants. ALA will select a larger number of applicants.

Please contact me at with any questions. This message is being sent to all CLENE Listserv members today. Tomorrow it will go out to all CLENERT/LearnRT members as well.

Thank you for your continued support!


Pat Carterette, LearnRT President

*Yes, we have a new name! We’re now the Learning Round Table (aka LearnRT). For the time being, you will continue to see CLENE in various places online. It will take awhile to get everything changed, including a logo and other design templates. Our new website is up and running but currently under construction. We are also still using our original website So, pardon our dust while we get our “house” in order. And stay tuned for some very exciting developments with the Learning Round Table.